Where design & simplicity meet is a small but enthusiastic User Experience consulting agency
which help companies providing their customers with best experiences.
It is a pleasure to meet You.

A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.
— Bruno Munari

We're constantly supported by whole bunch of multi-disciplinary and talented freelancers.
We all are ready to work with/for you and your customers.
Because UX matters. Seriously!

There is no philosophy in our Philosophy

People tend to complicate things. It is directly related to the human nature.
We strongly believe that using web should be more efficient, fun and enjoyable.

Well-designed interfaces help people to communicate with their environment.
This communication should not only be smooth but also trigger emotions. Positive emotions.
Interfaces that are both easy and seductive increase your products and services credibility
as well as motivate people to come back frequently.

We put our skills, experiences, advanced techniques & methodologies into creation of best user experience.
Researches, tests and analisys help us to make users feel comfortable and engaged while using your product.
It is possible by well-crafted mix of typography, usability, visual design, information architecture and much more.
To eliminate any user confusion and make his work more efficient, our designs use power of simplicity.
At we follow our beliefs. We use holistic approach to user experience.

Math is easy. Design is hard
— Jeffrey Veen

Let's summarize our philosophy and approach!
We all know that one image is worth more than thousand words.

Design is intelligence made visible
— Alina Wheeler

Designing User Experience is a tough task. It is not just a piece a cake even if we follow simplicity rules.
"Keep it simple" sounds easy only in theory. There is a fine line between simply & poor design which can be easily crossed.

To ensure an ultimate satisfaction we need to understand users needs and apply a variety of design techniques.
There is no universal design process that may be used in all cases. Interface design for a brand new project differs
from redesign of existing one. However, some fundamental elements may be applied in most projects.

Phase 1 – Data Gathering

It is impossible to make a good design without knowing its purpose, its users, their goals & expectations.
The more we know about your project and your users, the better. No information can be omitted.
That phase requires an active cooperation with our clients and project users (user testing if possible).

Phase 2 – Analysing

This phase is mostly about analysing gathered data and matching solutions which will allow users to achieve their goals.
Reinventing the wheel makes little sense so we observe how issues similar to yours have been resolved by others.
This way we save time and avoids others' mistakes. "Good designers copy, great designers steal" ;)

Phase 3 – Designing

Mockups. Low and high fidelity wireframes. Paper & HTML prototypes. Interaction scheme. Sitemaps. Visuals...
All these tools or techniques allow us to demonstrate our ideas to You. There is no perfect tool.
Some people prefer HTML prototypes to understand design. Others prefer mockups.
It is not about tools. It is all about communication between You, your team members, users and us.

Phase 4 – Implementation

If possible, we work actively with your development team during implementation and we follow it
focusing on UX issues that may arise. The sooner usability issue are found and eliminated,
the better for a final product.

Phase 5 – Release… and let's start all over again

Once the project is released we start to gather feedback from real users and then history begins again!
User Experience design is never ending story. There is always something that can be improved.

* Each phase involves you as consultant.
User tests (even the easiest ones) help us know whether we're moving into right direction.